Hot Pilates Vienna - What is Bikram?

26 postures in 90 minutes at 40°

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 classic Hatha Yoga postures conducted in a heated room.

Internationally renowned yoga master Bikram Choudhury, has designed this sequence of postures and breathing exercises to bring your body, mind and spirit into shape.

Based on a scientifically proven pathway to health, Bikram Yoga is known for its countless medical benefits as well as for its remarkable ability to train and calm the mind.

The series of postures is highly therapeutic for people of all levels of fitness. In fact, people who have sustained injuries, fallen out of shape, or have a wide range of medical problems are the first to see the amazing benefits!

The 26 postures work synergistically and cumulatively to provide a total body workout to every system of the body promoting optimum health and well-being. The sequence is designed as a progression so that every posture warms up the muscles and joints used in the next posture, allowing the body a safer, deeper stretch. Bikram Yoga also stretches, squeezes and massages the internal organs, flushes the cardiovascular system and stimulates the endocrine and nervous systems.

By the end of a class, each individual will have worked every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ, and gland while systematically moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. The result is restoration of health to all systems.

As you increase strength, flexibility and balance in your body, you will revitalize your mind, work on eliminating stress and be energized. Regular practice of this series of postures will put your body back on track and in balance.

“Start today and get on the path to a healthy body and mind!”